Garden Design Master Class book cover. Six images of landscape gardens.

Garden Design Master Class
Release Date: April, 2020

Farm Landscape Design Principal,

Abby Clough Lawless’s essay, Regeneration, will be featured in Carl Dellatore’s upcoming book.

Architectural Digest magazine cover.

Architectural Digest
January, 2020

Leroy Street Studio:

A private commission in East Hampton, New York.

Town & Country Cover

Town & Country
October, 2016

Greenest Thumb:

Abby Clough Lawless has a deep understanding of plants, especially what grows well where.

Vougue Cover

November, 2014

A Glorious Riot:

Garden Designer Edwina Von Gall Has Built a Career Around Environmental Responsibility – and Letting Nature Run Wild.

Since establishing her own practice in 2005, Abby Clough Lawless has continued to collaborate with Edwina von Gal on many properties throughout the east end of Long Island. Abby worked with Edwina von Gal on the three gardens photographed for this article.

Art Production Fund Cover

Art Production Fund
August-September, 2013

Pop Up 1: Montauk

Abby Clough Lawless cleared the adjacent lot of of invasive vines, creating a  lush  open woodland with trails inviting you to meander. Unstructured and essentially wild by design, the transformed landscape became the setting for interactive art works in  Pop up 1: Montauk.

Design Bureau Cover

Design Bureau
July/August 2012

How to Create a Cut Garden:

Yearning to Make Your Own Arrangements?
Landscape Architect Abby Clough Lawless Shows Us How in Four Simple Steps

Hamptons Cottages & Gardens Cover

Hamptons Cottages & Gardens
July 5, 2011

Farm Fresh:

Abby Clough Lawless Designs Give Back to the Land

Hamptons Cottages & Gardens Cover

Hamptons Cottages & Gardens
August, 2009

Depth of Fields:

Ample Meadows and Revamped Studio Offer a Pair of Writer-Filmmakers Breathing Space and, for their Small Kids, Room to Grow